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The Vittsjö Shelf

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The one problem I am always running into when living in an apartment is I have either too much storage or not enough. I haven't decided with the new place what the case is here but I have realized that I lost valuable storage in my closet and office. The office (second bedroom) has a large closet, like the main bedroom and that is where I keep all my stuff. I find it fun to have my office and my closet together. Since I am always doing outfit posts I like to see what I am working with. Well, my closet at the last place was huge and even though this one is large, I am definitely missing space. I needed to find a fun way to not only store my office things but also some things that were in my closet. Behold, the Vittsjö shelf.

I was channeling inspiration from these photos:

And this is what I got: (I don't think this is the finished product…but it's a start.)
I definitely love that I can see what I have and I think it looks great on display. My closet is directly to the right of this shelf (it has sliding doors), so everything is one place. Also, I think it's fun to change it up with the seasons. Instead of wedges on display, they will go into storage and my booties will come out! I'll swap the beach hat for a wool hat, the bright jewelry for fall jewels and scarves. This shelf is very versatile which is exactly what I was looking for when decorating this space. 

P.S Thanks for all your feedback last week on the new place! Are there any more decorating tips or tricks you have for me?

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