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More Adventures With Summit The Husky

11:11:00 PM

Life with a puppy is quite the adventurous one. We never really thought it would be this hectic, hilarious, stressful, or fun having him. He keeps us on our toes and makes us work out (thank gosh!). He has characteristics that are very humanistic…it's hilarious! For instance, he sticks his paw out towards you when he wants to say hi or play, intending for you to grab hold of his paw. He 'lays' on the couch with a paw hanging casually over the side. He has also excelled at ignoring his human puppy parents when at the dog park…he is a full blown teen.

One thing we found out a couple of months ago is how much he loves popcorn (unsalted and un-buttered of course). Watch below how jealous he gets when I give Adam popcorn instead of him. #jealoushusky

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