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Wednesday's Nail Day: Ombre Glitter

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As Thanksgiving approaches, I was looking for a DIY manicure that was festive and easy to do that also incorporated fall colors. You all know my affinity for gold. I always have accent pieces around my home and my mom has incorporated gold into our holiday decor for as long as I can remember. With that being said, I chose my favorite gold luxe polish, "Summit of Style" and paired it with a deep plum/red polish, "In The Lobby."

1 // Start off with a base coat.
2 // Apply two coats of your base color and let dry.
3 // Using a 'glitter' polish apply the polish at the base (bottom) of your nail. 
4 // Using small strokes, brush upward. Be careful not to brush too long or too hard as this will move all of the glitter. We only want to move a small amount to give an 'ombre' look. 
5 // Repeat on each nail.
6 // Once the glitter polish is dry, apply the Gel Setter topcoat.

And that's it! Personally, I think this manicure looks professionally done but it is super easy!
 Any holiday nail art you are loving this season?

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