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Free People Crisscross Sweater

12:00:00 AM

New year, new sassy Taylor. But really, I tend to stick to the basics when it comes to my wardrobe - skinny jeans, J.Crew sweater, and flats. When I go out with the girls they always would tell me I look too "professional." Thus, it was time to add some sassiness into my wardrobe. Free People has become one of my favorite brands. I love how comfortable all of their pieces are and although the style isn't quite in line with mine, I definitely think a few of their pieces make for a better wardrobe. I've rounded up some other option below that are a bit out of my comfort zone - also check your local Nordstrom Rack for some deals!

On another note, I am so excited because I started a new workout program this week. Never have ever been this sore in my life - and it feels great! I have already learned so much about living a healthier lifestyle and working out in the best way for your body. Lifting weights, kickboxing, cardio, you name it - and I finally do a couple of push-ups (the correct way!). 
The New Year always feels like a fresh start, a way to wipe the slate clean. Most of us tend to make resolutions that we rarely stick to but one of my goals is to simply live better...for myself. When I make healthy choices, workout muscles I didn't know I had, and take more steps to better my life - that is a resolution worth keeping. Whether you are on the fence about trying a new workout class, picking up a new hobby, looking for a new job, changing your wardrobe, or moving cross country, all I can say is do it! Life is too short not to live in the best way you can for yourself. 

Enough of my rant - see more Free People options below!

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