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Meet Keetna

10:55:00 AM

Call me crazy; this weekend I decided to get a puppy. This has been an on-going "want" for about six months and I finally decided to go for it when this cute little pup kept showing up as available. Although I have raised a puppy before, I think I filed the sleepless nights, every two hour pee trips, leash training, crate training, and chewing on everything under things NOT to remember. I may come to work looking disheveled but she is so worth it.

So without further ado - meet Keetna Aspen Hoffman! 
Name: Keetna Aspen Hoffman
Originates: When I went to Alaska, I hiked the Talkeetna Mountain range. As you may know, huskies favor cold weather so I thought it was fitting.
Likes: Chewing on everything, puppy food, cuddling, and rubs on the head
Dislikes: The sound of the shower and not being in the same room as you
Favorite Toy: A small non-destructible bear and nyla bones
Sleeps: She likes to sleep cuddled next to me - only on the couch or bed (spoiled!)
Potty Training: Already a pro and will go outside when you take her - only accidents have been because I wanted to dry my hair :)
Personality: She is adventurous, outgoing, and curious! She will climb on everything, jump off the couch and knock things over to see what's going on. She may be small but she's ruthless!

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