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Patagonia Winter

12:00:00 AM

While I love dressing up, on the weekends you will generally find me in fairly casual attire. Whether I'm running errands, outside with the pup, or working at a coffee shop, I love being comfy! This Patagonia quilted pullover is hands down my favorite item in my closet, I'm thinking of getting the blue color.  

Life has certainly been different with puppy around. I definitely underestimated the amount of work - or I think that memory portion in my brain was in hibernation when I was making the decision to get a puppy. Although I'm exhausted and we haven't quite found a routine - little miss already knows 'sit' and is (for the most part) crate trained!

We are working on 'shake' and 'down' as she LOVES to jump on you. It's precious right now but when she is 45 pounds I don't think I will be saying the same thing. She loves sleeping on the bed or couch, her pig is her favorite toy, and her favorite treat are little peanut butter bites (used for training).  

Personality wise, she is 100% fearless. She will jump on anything, jump off anything, crawl under everything, and runs or jumps everywhere. It's hilarious the amount of energy she has! Follow my snapchat (taysuehoffman) for more fun puppy updates! 

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