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New Everyday Beauty Favorites

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I recently went to Ulta, spent a little too much, racked up my Platinum points and now I'm reaping the benefits. Ulta is my go-to spot for all things beauty. I wanted to share a few new favorite products of mine. Note: I try to buy a travel or trial size when I can because I don't like wasting money on a full-size product if I don't like it!
1 // Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizer  $26 (Included in the Nordstrom Sale!): My hair is as soft and flat as it can be. I am always on the hunt for volumizers and texturizers to give my hair some lift and for heavens sake, texture! I bought the travel size Triple Sec product to make sure I like it and I just ordered it, as well as a few others, from the Nordstrom Sale. It actually works people! For a gal who teases her hair only for it to fall out, this is a must try!
2 // Smashbox Photo Finish Primer $36: I have been on the hunt for a primer and thought I would give this one a try. I was hesitant because it's quite a steep price for how much you get, but I love it! I think it does a great job at minimizing the look of pores and evening skin tone. I'm not sure I will stick with this one all the time, but it definitely works!
3 // Mario Badescu Aloe Lotion Full Size is $15: This was actually a free sample I got and I was happy because I had to try the product. Mario's Aloe Lotion is an astringent that you are to use after your cleanser. It works to remove dirt, excess oil, unclog pores, but it also hydrates and evens out skin tone. I can honestly say this does just that 100%. I love Mario products and I will definitely be adding this in full-size to my routine. I tend to get very red skin after I wash my face or take off my makeup - this helps to completely soothe that. I have also noticed that it works to get all the excess dirt that I don't get by washing my face or using my Clarisonic. This is a must-try!
4 // bareMinerals Invisible Bronze $28: I'm going to be honest, I have been using a bronzer from like five years ago. That's awful for your skin and it was honestly just out of date, but it never ran out (it was the never ending bronzer) so I just didn't feel obligated to buy anything new. I decided to try the Invisible Bronze by bareMinerals. I wanted something subtle that wouldn't take me a long time to do nor was difficult to figure out. My skin is also very fair so something that isn't as harsh looks much better! I have worn it for the past couple of weeks and I love it! A hint of color on my cheekbones and nose is all it takes, it looks incredibly natural and it's very subtle. I highly recommend!
5 // PMD $199.00 (included in the Nordstrom Sale, only $99!): I love the PMD. I have been using it for three weeks now and I can absolutely see a difference. The few mornings after I use it I wake up and my skin looks completely different - literally like a baby's butt. If you've never heard of the PMD, it'a personal microdermabrasion device. With all of the scarring I have, it would be extremely expensive to go get facial treatments weekly (although it would work faster), instead I have opted for the route where I do it myself. This paired with my skin routine I can tell my face is changing and this product is definitely helping. 
Note: I am putting together a post that will show my face over the course of 8 weeks! Just 5 more to go:). 

If you have tried any new products lately, share below so I can too!

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