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The Art of Living: Why Being A Dreamer Is The Best Thing To Be

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You know that saying, "Ditch the dream. Be a doer - not a dreamer?" Well, in my opinion, this is so incredibly wrong. I am 100% a dreamer.  I'd like to think the world is made up of rainbows, unicorns, and candy houses and that we can all be the best of friends. Sounds crazy, right? I hear all the time how I live in the future, how I want all of these elaborate things, and how I'm not realistic.  Here's the thing, in the world we live in today, is there really any other way to live?

I don't believe that we should be stuck in a 9-5 job we hate or that we should live by the standards set by society. I truly believe that we can do ANYTHING we set our minds and hearts to do. You want to be a designer? Then design! How about a chef? Then start cooking! Doctor? Study medicine! There is nothing that can stop you - except for you. There are definitely times when I become stuck. I worry that I won't achieve what I want to in life. I worry that I will be broke forever. I worry that I won't have the family I have always longed for. The common denominator in all of those "worries?" Me. If I set aside my fears, doubts and all the background noise then I have nothing to lose.

Here's a thought: Why waste life simply "doing" your day to day when you can strive to do something much greater?

Who says that just because you dream, doesn't mean you are actually doing? The people that tell you to be more realistic are the people that are hindering your belief and ability to achieve your goals. For every person that tells me I can't or doubts my abilities, all they do is fuel my motivation. The motivation to prove them wrong. There is a hint of satisfaction when I can overcome their doubts, because we I do, it's not only reassurance for me that my dreams will have a way of working themselves out but, it proves to them that dreaming gives off the smell of sweet victory.

I'm definitely not saying that being a dreamer doesn't have its caveats. Life is incredibly hard - and when you dream such as myself, you are more vulnerable to failure and disappointment.  However, a dreamer is one who can see the bigger picture, one that can see their dream coming to fruition in all the rubble such is life. You see, a dreamer is a doer. You can't have all these dreams without work ethic, motivation, tenacity, and grit to follow.

I understand the realists. I understand why they are the way they are. They are scared of the outcome, disappointment, and failure. In my opinion, failure is not a setback, its a learning lesson. Anything that I can learn is only going to help me in the long run. Dreamers do have a realistic side. I myself, would love to hop on a plane and move to New York and run my own business (huge dream of mine) but currently, paying my bills is more important. I know I will get there - I just don't know when, and that's okay.

We don't need to have life figured out by the age of 26. I certainly don't. I keep "dreaming" that everything will click for me come my birthday on December 30 but let's get real - there's no way! I do know however, that things will fall into place. I will eventually accomplish what I want to plus some...and you will too.

Let your dreams run free, it's an incredibly magical place. It can be a saving grace when you feel like your life is doomed. Focus on the bigger picture, realize your worth, and know that absolutely nothing can stop you. There is nothing that can stop a dreamer, why? Because they will just dream up a new dream😊.

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