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My Morning Routine

3:04:00 PM

I am always curious to know what someone's morning routine is. Mine is generally all over the place depending on my work schedule but it follows a similar pattern on a daily basis. I am definitely not that girl that can roll out of bed, look like a million bucks, and head to work. "Coffee before talkie" is my motto. I like to enjoy the morning and I hate feeling rushed. I tend to take my time (if I have time) doing things I enjoy such as drinking my coffee, blogging, and picking out an outfit (if I am not working that day). Some would say I am not a morning person, I would have to agree. I can be pretty crabby but if I do things my own way at my own pace I'm just fine (selfish right?…I blame my mother's side of the family).

6-7:00 am // Wake up.

7:15 am // Shower and wash my face.

7:30 am // Make some coffee and get dressed.

7:45 am // Put my makeup on.

7:52 am // Blow dry hair and style.

8:10 am // Finish coffee, answer emails and blog.

8:30 am // Go to work or keep blogging.

What is your morning routine? Anything out of the ordinary?

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  1. My morning routine always involves snoozing and coffee ;) haha, beautiful pictures!

  2. I love that you blog in the morning! If I tried writing anything before 10am it would be littered with mistakes!

  3. It's so nice having time to not rush in the morning. I also like to take my time drinking my coffee while getting ready. I'm a huge morning person, although without coffee I wouldn't be, ha!

  4. Yes it definitely varies!! I work really late though, usually midnight, two am, or the overnight shift so I enjoy taking my time in the mornings! This post made me realize how much I would long for a more consistent job!

  5. Ha I love that!! We should make a t-shirt with cute calligraphy writing that reads: Snooze and Coffee. Love it!

  6. I don't doubt that my posts are littered with mistakes as well (ha, oops) but there is something so refreshing to me about waking up and doing what I love to do…priceless!

  7. Ha! I agree, coffee=must have or else you get crabby Tay.