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Fashion Photo Bloopers

8:41:00 AM

You have all seen these posts before. They are definitely a favorite among readers and I figure, why not keep the momentum going? I love that I am not perfect. It is so hard sometimes to not compare myself to others. It's easy to be put down by what others are doing or what they look like. For instance, I went out to dinner with a great group of gals but I couldn't help feeling the whole time that I was the ugly duckling. I definitely have my own insecurities and I try to work on them every single day. This blog is a place where I step out of the box, challenge myself, and inspire myself to be a better person. This includes loving there person I am, inside and out.

With that said, to all of you reading…you are beautiful, inside and out. You have something important to share with the world that no one else can. I am showing you the side to blogging that is 100% imperfect. Accept your imperfect self and go with it…it's the best part.

The wind is a torturous thing here in SoDak. It can go from 0 to 50 mph within minutes. This is my wind-blown titanic look.

Very angry with the wind.

Wind, again.

Trying to cover my top half…I think this is why I don't normally wear low-cut tops.

Hold on, let me take a quick nap.

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  1. bahahhaa I LOVE these!!! Especially the second one. Thanks for the laugh today, pretty lady!

  2. Some of these made me laugh some made me think they are not too bad

  3. Have a great weekend!!! Thank you:))