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The Carrie Bradshaw TuTu

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I love Sex and the City. There is something about the show that makes me feel better about my hectic and crazy life. My favorite is Carrie Bradshaw, I know she can be selfish and sometimes I wondered why she said half of things she said….but she did. One thing I did love was her explicit and daring fashion sense. She never walked out of the house without making a statement with her wardrobe. 

When I saw that my favorite boutique downtown had tulle skirts…I was hooked. I LOVE tulle skirts…I used to be a dancer and many of my costumes had huge tulle skirts. I haven't really been brave enough to try something that is so "out-there," but I am sure glad I did.

So, I must ask to all those Carrie Bradshaw fans: who wore it best? (Don't worry, we all know Bradshaw has this on lockdown, but I can pretend, right?)
Tulle Skirt // Denim Shirt // Strappy Heels // Necklace : All from Lot2029, I will let you know when they go up on the site!

Hmmm, two fashion posts in a row? Does this mean I am a fashion blogger now? Ha, probably not!

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  1. The tulle looks amazing on you! I have been wanting to get my hands on one!

    xx Gabriella

  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this outfit! I have something similar to the top and necklace just need to be on the hunt for a skirt :)

  3. Love the outfit! THe tulle with the denim in a perfect mix!

  4. Thank you Haley!! I thought they complemented each other well:)

  5. Yes! Every gal needs a tulle skirt!!

  6. Oh how I like also something I would have worn in my younger days

  7. LOVE Sex and the City, but the fact that you look amazing is even more awesome! GREAT outfit girl!

  8. oh my gosh, you look so cute! I LOVE this skirt and the whole outfit!

  9. this is ADORABLE!!! you look beautiful! love.