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24 Things On My 24th Birthday

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This was a difficult post to write. I am normally pro-birthday, but this year I have been more reluctant to celebrate the festivities. I found myself looking back on my year as a 23 year old and wishing I would have done things different, tried new things, and taken more chances. I feel that our birthdays are a time to be excited about the new us, the older us, not look back and wish we could rewind time. Instead, I decided to come up with a bucket list. There is always a running list in my head of things I want to do and places I want to go, but I have never actually written them down. Today, as I am one year older, engaged, and graduated from college, I am realizing that time slips away from us. I don't wish to rewind but to go forward with more motivation and passion for life. I want to take every opportunity, see the world, live in the moment, laugh, and start every day with a good cup of coffee. Today, as I turn 24 years old (not officially until later tonight), I owe it to myself to give life a better chance. We all owe it to ourselves.

So, without further ado, 24 items on my bucket list that I wish to accomplish before my last birthday. I better get started.

1 // Take a ride in a hot air balloon. I loved this post written by a fashion blogger I follow.
2 // Visit Greece, specifically Santorini and Mykonos.
3 // Go hiking in Colorado with Summit (our husky).
4 // Go back to Alaska with Adam. Hike and kayak where I have previously.
5 // Spend a couple of weeks touring Europe: France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, etc. (Adam added in that we will be flying first class)
6 // Wine tasting in Napa Valley
7 // Visit New York City during the winter months and go ice skating at Rockefeller Park
8 // Visit San Francisco.
9 // Attend New York Fashion Week.
10 //  Take pictures in a flower field, like this field near San Diego
11 // Get married (hopefully one step closer to this!)
12 // Have a one week vacation somewhere warm such as Hawaii or Bermuda
13 // Design our future home.
14 // Go on a mission trip.
15 // Work with more brands on my blog (like Kate Spade!)
16 // Skydiving with my fiancé.
17 // Read 100 books consecutively.
18 // Purchase a Leica camera and take thousands of photos.
19 // Take a photography class.
20 // About 7 years ago, Adam bought me a star for our anniversary, I want to find that star!
21 // Help Adam complete his bucket list
22 // Pay off all my debt from student loans as quick as possible.
23 // Take a family trip when I have kids with my family and Adam's, somewhere warm!
24 // Add 76 more things to my list to have a list of 100…and complete them all!

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