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It's been awhile since I shared some terrifying silly photos of myself. I decided today was a great day. In the past couple of weeks I have had some people say "back-handed" comments about my body and face and I can't help but be so disappointed. Do I have acne? Yep. Do I have scarring? You bet. Am I stick thin? Nope. Unfortunately, you will not see me walking the Victorias Secret catwalk anytime soon   (#darn) and I am perfectly okay with that. I am in a place where I have accepted who I am as a person and it is so incredibly frustrating when I hear that others have not accepted me for who I am. We all have flaws, we aren't perfect, but that makes us special…and beautiful. I work hard everyday to keep up with my face, putting healthy things into my body, and maintaining my weight.
It's important to me that I never make people feel the way some have made me feel. With that said, I want you to all remember how beautiful you are, no matter your size, color, shape, ethnicity, etc. You are you and that is perfect.

It never fails, there is always a picture or five where my eyes are closed. What can I say? I love naps.

Hi. My name is Taylor. This slightly resembles the face a baby makes when something is happening. I promise I was just cold. ;)

Oh my gosh I think I got lipstick on my teeth. 

Summit (my dog) was digging a very large hole at that point. It's safe to say Adam (my photographer) was very frustrated and my dog was very dirty. 


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