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Faux Leather Skirt Part 2

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If you missed yesterday's post, you can catch up here! I sported this fabulous faux leather skirt (that's on sale). Today, I am showing another way to wear it, because really, we buy clothing to wear it more than once, so why wouldn't I show more than one way to wear it? #foodforthought
In this outfit, I was channeling more of a 'holiday' glam look or a work outfit, minus the faux fur vest. I paired my blouse and vest with the skirt along with a simple pair of black heels. I finished the look with one of my favorite statement necklaces (last seen here). What look is your favorite? I think I'm partial to the one on the left;).

I have been a bit frustrated with my camera lately. I love clear and crisp photos and I have noticed lately that some of my photos are blurry. I am not sure if it's the camera body or the lens we are using. I am taking it in tomorrow for a "check-up" so my fingers crossed it's not something terribly wrong! Has anyone else ever had this issue? What was the fix?

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