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Pajama Day

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Pajamas are my absolute favorite. Adam always laughs because I change into them right away after work, they are so comfortable, who doesn't? My favorite pajamas are by far, Victorias Secret Flannel PJ's. They aren't a heavy flannel so I stay warm without getting cold. I was so excited when I saw they had a holiday pair…with my love for Christmas I figured these pjs would be a great addition. 
This is the first year we have really decorated for the holidays. We had a tree last year, but I wanted to incorporate more decorations around the house. There is something about holiday decor that puts me in such a happy mood. Am I the only one? 
It rained all weekend (crazy weather for December), so we stayed inside, drank hot cocoa, and worked.  It works out nicely if you have a Keurig, Verismo, or Nespresso because you can simply use hot water (or hot chocolate pods) and mix in your cocoa. Let's just say I may or may not have had more than one cup:). 
Holiday Pajamas // Slippers // Mug (you can find them at T.J. maxi or Marshalls) // Reindeer Pillow // Sweater Pillow // Glass Trees // Throw Blanket

While not everyday can be a pajama day, i'll be glad to come home after work tonight and throw my pjs on. #bestfeelingever 
What do you do on pajama days?

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