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Pore Minimizers and Concealers

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Large pores are the absolute worst. Unless you are willing (and have) hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fork over for expensive treatments that help diminish your pores, the only option is to find products that can help minimize and conceal their appearance. Over the years, I've learned what products only accentuate the size of my pores, but I never could seem to find products that reduced the size or appearance...until now. You can say that I have made it one of my missions in life to find products that help my skin, these are definitely part of my skincare regime and the best part? They don't break your wallet.

 1 // Bioré Strips
I use these strips once or twice a week, not only do they remove all the dirt but overtime the pore size is reduced...not to mention much cleaner! I also love the charcoal Bioré strips...I think those work better for the stubborn pores clogged with too much dirt.
I use this balm after I have cleansed and moisturized my face in the morning, and wear it under my makeup. It acts like a balm to conceal your pores. Initially, I was worried that it would clog my pores and create additional oil in my t-zone. Thankfully, I was wrong and it appears smooth in all the areas of my face that need it.
I have only tried this product for a couple of weeks now, but I love how smoother and brighter my face appears. It's a serum that I use 3-4 times a week before bed. It helps to minimize and clear pores, so if you have struggled with acne, this is a must try!

What products for you use that help conceal your pores? Share below!

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