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A few months ago, I found myself in a rut. A rut filled with boring work attire. I was wearing the same slacks, sweaters, and pumps over and over again. It wasn't until the weather started to warm up that I decided I needed to spruce up my work wardrobe. I picked up some new blouses, bought some pants that fit perfectly, and decided I needed to accessorize more. It may seem silly but how you dress and carry yourself is really important in how you want others to view you. I don't want my clients thinking that I'm a slob...they need to see that I am confident and capable.

Business wear can be expensive. However, I have come to realize that when I don't invest in quality business wear, things don't hold up as well. For pants, I love Banana Republic and The Limited. I  find great blouses, sweaters, and button-downs at BR, J.Crew, White House Black Market, The Limited, and the Loft. Another great place is Nordstrom Rack; they always have discounted Calvin Klein suit pieces. 
Moving on to work shoes...I think most working gals can attest to the fact that a great pair of heels can get you far. I think most of us can also share the pain of very uncomfortable heels, and heels that become destroyed after only a few wears. Thus far, the only pair of high heels that have held up and not hurt my feet have been my Tory Burch leather pumps. They were marked down significantly at Nordstrom Rack...and they get the most wear. I can't afford multiple pairs of these pumps however, they are too expensive. The key is having multiple options so you aren't wearing the same pair day after day putting them "at risk" to be damaged quickly. 
When I first started working, I had one pair of black high heels. It was only a matter of weeks when scuffs, tears, and dents started to appear. Once I started to rotate my shoes, I noticed they held up longer. I didn't mind spending $40-$70 on a decent pair of heels. I was able to buy a couple of pairs that way I would have options. My go-to places for pumps are Nine West, DSW, and BCBGeneration
J.Crew: Cardigan // Loft: Blouse, similar // Loft: Skirt, love this // Nine West: Pumps // Nordstrom Rack: Necklace // BCBGeneration: Handbag, love this

Where are your favorite places to find work attire? Comment below with suggestions!

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