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The Basics: Stripes & A Plain White Tee

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I tend to be one of those gals that always has a clothing fit. Chances are, if I am ever late for something it's because I didn't know what to wear. Over time, I realized I was always going back to the basics. I love this outfit for spring, it is simple and comfortable. You can never go wrong with stripes, and this shirtdress skirt is just darling. Also, if you don't own a plain white tee...get one! I recently bought this one at Banana Republic for $15. It's great for layering but also super soft. 
I have been looking for a nude pair of wedges that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. These dv wedges from Target are extremely comfortable, and while I figured next year I would purchase a new pair, the $35 price tag was perfect! 
Banana Republic: Striped Skirt (on sale!) // Banana Republic: White Tee // Target: dv Wedges // Gap: Straw Hat 

I know it's Monday but I am exhausted. This weekend I did a lot of spring cleaning, mowed, ran errands, and took care of Summit (he just got neutered!). Also, I didn't realize how paranoid I am as a puppy parent until we picked Summit up after his surgery. We've put the e collar (cone collar) on him only when he is in his crate or by himself and I feel so bad! He runs into some walls and he doesn't like to sleep with it on. I am hoping he heals quickly so I don't wake up every 30 minutes to check on him!

Any tips or tricks? 

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