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Friday Favorites: Valentine's Day Edition

12:12:00 PM

Happy Friday! I'm sharing some Friday favorites that are Valentine's Day related since it's just around the corner. Comment below and let me know your plans for the day!

1. Candy Hearts
Just like candy corn is my favorite around Halloween time, candy hearts are my favorite around Valentine's Day. I love them. DOn't worry, no dogs were fed candy hearts in the making of this photo, she just follows me everywhere so ends up in 99% of my photos haha!

2. Super Cute Valentine Graphic Tees
I'm a sucker for a graphic tee, I layer them under cardigans, sweaters, Moto jackets, jean jackets, over swimsuits, etc. They work for a variety of occasions and I love all the heart and Valentine related ones.

3. Single Girls On Valentine's Day Video
This video had me laughing hysterically I was crying. Honestly, if you are flying through this Valentine's Day single, then this video is for you. Remember though - it doesn't matter how you celebrate the day, just the company that you are with (friends, family, pets, YOU, etc.)
"Roses are red, I'm sick of men. I'm buying flowers, for myself...again." 😂

4. Practice Self-Love
I do believe that it's important to use Valentine's Day as excuse to practice some extra self-love. Whether you take a few hours to yourself, get a massage, mani/pedi, take yourself to the movies, take yourself to lunch or dinner, treat yourself to something you've been wanting, stay in and have a spa evening to yourself (face mask, at-home pedi, hair mask), go on a weekend vacation or staycation, etc. The options are endless and should be practiced. Too often I think a lot of women put themselves on the back burner. They are running households, shuffling kids to and from, making sure the family is taken care of, and then working. This is a good holiday to utilize time for YOU and practice self-care and self-love.
5. Valentine's Day Inspired Outfits - Shop the looks here!

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