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50 Shades of Nail Polish: Essie's "In The Lobby"

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Most of you know I have a song love for nail polish. Nail polish instantly dresses up your fingers and it is the perfect accessory if you need to accessorize an outfit. Not only that, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to change the colors or patterns. I do all of my nails at home (although I strongly enjoy a pedicure now and then), and I thought I would share some different nail styles that I love. 
Below, you will see my most common nail style. I find one base color and accent my ring finger with a pattern polish. I love how simple it is but also fun with a pop of color on each hand. Plus, if you have a pretty wedding ring, having your ring finger a different color makes it stand out more:)!

I love this color for fall. It is a little darker than I expected but goes on very even. I use a base coat and gel top coat to help my manicure last longer and reduce chipping. So far, the gel setter that I use is my favorite top coat I have tried. I have also heard great things about Sally Hansen's gel polish. If you are looking for a long lasting manicure I recommend those two.

What nail designs/styles do you lean towards?

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