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Cleaning & Repairing Your Patent Leather Pumps

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About three weeks ago, I went on an obsessive search for a pair of nude pumps that I could wear to work. I searched over 10+ stores, looked online, and couldn't find anything…until, I went to T.J. Maxx one day and found these Nine West patent pumps. Not only were they only $30, but they are extremely comfortable and good quality. About one week in, my new shoes looked like a train wreck. Scuffs, dents, markings, pealing patent leather; I was so upset. I hadn't even considered taking them to a cobbler when I decided to take matters into my own hands…and I'd say I did a pretty good job.

This is what I was working with. Horrible right?
If you have a pair of pumps that need some TLC, you will need three things. 
1 // Magic Eraser
2 // Matching Nail Polish (or similar color)
3 // Topcoat

1 // First, wet the magic eraser and remove all the scuffs, dirt, and other yucky stuff that we pick up with our feet. The eraser works to remove just about everything, no hard scrubbing over here!
2 // Next, I had Essie's "cocktails and coconuts" on hand and I used that to fill in some spots where the patent leather had start to tear or wear off. Keep in my this will not look perfect, or even brand new; however, it makes things look even again and that is what I was going for. I don't want to show up to work with scuffs on my shoes.
3 // Just like we do with our nails, don't forget to add a little top coat. This helps to smooth the polish and make things a look more even. It locks in the nail polish!
And that's it! I was pretty impressed. With my budget, I don't have money to go and buy new shoes whenever mine get a scuff or too so this process worked well and I already had everything on hand! I would also recommend a warm washcloth with dawn dish soap, even some windex would polish these babies up! The nail polish helped to significantly decrease the visibility of tears. My heels now "appear" to look brand new but if you got close and personal you would see my DIY repair.

Any tricks that you have to repair shoes?

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