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Office Update

5:00:00 AM

You may have seen my post a couple of days ago about transitioning my shelves from summer to fall. I have been working diligently to get my office completed. I love working in a space that feels "done," cozy and vibrant. My next step after styling my shelves was adding a small gallery wall to brighten the walls up a bit (sorry of the lighting, this room has terrible light). Most of these photos are recycled from my old office I had in South Dakota but there are a couple of new ones, like the large peony, how amazing is that?! 
I always find it best to start slow when decorating a room. If I buy a lot at once, I lose sight of the "vibe" I was going for. I am still not sure if what I have is what will stay but for now it's working just fine!
Things to do still:
// Find more desk accessories (file folder holder)
// Get a cushion for the seating by the window
// Add pillows to the seating and find a new one for the chair
// Find a round ottoman that can go by my shelves and closet.
// Get different storage for my necklaces. 
// Spray paint desk legs gold.

I will take any and all suggestions you have!

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