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If you don't follow me on Instagram, then you won't know that lately I have had lots of sunsets, fall clothes, and the occasional coffee:) I took Helene's webinar last week so I am trying to step up my Instagram game.
 Nude and brown lipsticks…something I haven't tried before. Post is coming soon!
It amazes me the view we have every morning and every night. More often than not, we are blessed with a beautiful sunset that is just too good not to capture.
We went to the farmer's market last week and my normal flower lady wasn't there:( I am guessing it is getting to cold for flowers and they just aren't in season anymore. I did manage to snag these beauties from another gal, they didn't last as long as they normally do but they still brighten the space!
If you haven't tried these bath bombs you are officially missing out. This one that's pictured is called "sex bomb" and it turns the water hot pink! There are so many different kinds and they all leave your skin ultra soft. Not only that, they smell delicious!
Plaid + Fall = One happy gal.
We went to the Des Moines World Food Festival last weekend and I sipped on this freshly squeezed lemonade all night…delicious!
Another day, another sunset. Such a good reminder of how beautiful life is. 

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