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The Dog Did What?

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Summit is that dog. That dog in puppy obedience classes that barks the entire time because he wants play. You know the dog Marley? From Marley & Me? We have a Marley, except smarter and not yet that big. There are days when I look at Summit and cannot get over his adorable face. There are other days when I look at him and don't understand how he knows what he does…and it drives me crazy! He is sneaky, and sometimes naughty, he wakes us up at 5 am, he cuddles, he is very mischievous, yet so sweet. He makes me so happy…and so frustrated. Is this what having a kid is like? I am sure there is a very big difference however, this dog has figured out a lot and he just keeps on learning and causing trouble.

// The dog chews everything…socks, high heels, blankets, new shirts (that was a sad day), chairs, wood, carpet, hard wood floors (yes this is possible), pencils, shelves, and the list goes on.

// The dog sleeps everywhere and on everything. From his back to his stomach, to resting his head on our unfinished kitchen island…you can bet he has slept where he can configure himself to sleep there.

// The dog crawls on and jumps on everything. The day he learned he could jump on the couch was a monumental day, we did not teach him this, nope, he learned that on his own. He crawls in the car, army crawls under the bed, crawls in my shelves, crawls under little tables. Anything that is low to the ground where he could potentially get stuck…he crawls under. 

// The dog dens. He has a fascination with being under things (like I mentioned above). However, it freaks me out. I'm afraid i'll move my chair on him, squish him while he is under the bed, or step on him when he is hiding under my desk. He feels safe and comfortable while in his "den," it just freaks me out every time, thank you dog.

He is just a puppy and will grow out of his mischievousness, right? (ha, who am I kidding!)

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