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Alaskan Throwback

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Somehow, the other day at work, it slipped that I was once on a TV show. I was instantly brought back to my amazing experience in the Alaskan wilderness. A lot of people go on cruises up by Alaska but there will never be anything that compares to actually hiking the terrain, kayaking in the seas, and  soaking in the picturesque views. Whenever I am depressed that I don't have the luxury to travel the world...I have to remind myself of this particular time. I thought it would be fun to bring back a post from 2014 (has it really been that long?) and share some pretty awesome photos of that one time I was MADE into an extreme survivalist.

Today I am going to share a throwback to one of the coolest experiences I have ever had…going to Alaska. This was not just any trip however, on this trip I became an extreme survivalist. Ok, ok maybe not quite but the root of the story is my friend Molly and I were MADE into extreme survivalists and our show aired on MTV here. Pretty cool right? It was such a cool experience and the show itself does not do the trip justice. I think the best thing about the experience is that I got to do the show with a really good friend. It is sometimes hard to look back at memories because things are not the same as they used to be but in a way you can learn and grow from those memories. Anyway, a little background on the trip, we were in Alaska for about four weeks, one week was spent kayaking, another hiking, another with our coach hiking, and the other was added up to days of preparation. 

MADE coach Cliff Hodges, owner of Adventure Out in California. 
This trip was unbelievable and I am forever grateful I was chosen. At times it was miserable…did I mention that it rains every single day in Alaska? The camera in our faces got to be pretty annoying as well, but all in all it was a life changing experience that only those who were there can understand. 

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