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Wednesday Wisdom: Let's Talk About Tampons & Periods

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I attended a conference last week with Tampax, the largest femcare product in the world. Not only did I (of course) have so much fun but it was truly eye opening. I left feeling inspired to share - not just because I back the Tampax brand but because every other brand doesn't have the science or technology like Tampax does. I wanted to talk about three things. The first, why it's OK to talk about periods and tampons are other taboo items that we are embarrassed to talk about. The second, the science and technology behind tampons. Lastly, the reason Tampax is the only brand you should be using.

1. Stop period shaming and don't listen to tampon taboos!
Here's what: all women experience periods, yet most of us are embarrassed to open up that wrapping the bathroom stall. We hide tampons in pockets, sleeves, or the wire of our bra - all because we don't want the BOYS to see. We have no problem saying "oh, she's crabby because she started her period," UM, EARTH TO EVERYONE - 99% of women who get their period, are crabby when they get it because who wants to have their uterus contract and slough off the inner lining of your endometrium?

I decided I'm not going to be embarrassed anymore and I'm not going to period shame anymore. Why? Because we all go through it. Instead, we should be proud we are women and know that this is a "gift" (let's call it that) - that men don't get. Empowering one other to be confident and not feel embarrassed is so important. What's even more important is using products that make you feel that way, because you don't have to worry!

2. The science behind your lady parts and what type of tampon you need to use. 
Quick science lesson: your lady parts are flat inside. If you put your hands together (like you're clapping), this is a good way to mimic what your lady parts look like inside. It only makes sense that you use a tampon that fits the shape of your lady parts, right? If you were using the right tampon, then when the tampon absorbs fluid, it open up and be flat with your hands. Well, unfortunately, all tampons (except Tampax) open every which way except flat!

If we want to prevent leaks then we need a tampon that fits the inside of our lady parts so no fluid can pass by. If you are using a tampon that is long length wise, round, or cup-like - these tampons are not fitting the shape of your "vagine" and will therefore cause leaks.

Note: I had to add this meme - I didn't watch the Bachelor this season but I did see this clip and thought it was hilarious.

3. Tampax is the best brand of tampon to use!
The picture below explains it all. We compared Tampax next to several other brands - we opened them up, felt the different blends, pipetted liquid into each to see which tampon could absorb more and how well it prevented leaks. I was baffled - Playtex, I couldn't even open. It was solid as a rock, at one point I was hitting it on the table to see if it would open or soften - nope! Tampons are a cotton and rayon blend mixture, these are very soft fibers and you should be able to pull them apart. When we couldn't pull it apart we started pipetting liquid on to both tampons to see which one absorbed more. You can see that the Tampax tampon distributes the liquid throughout the whole tampon - what we want it to do so one place doesn't try to absorb it all and then leak.

Another point to mention is the back-up leak protection in the Tampax braid. The plaited string surely didn't absorb liquid but that Tampax absorbed it all!
Here's what I challenge you to do: go get one of your tampons, unwrap it and open it up. See what it looks like when you pull it apart and add drops of water to it so you can see how it absorbs liquid. Never will I ever use any other brand (trust me, we compared them all) and this is purely based off the science behind the tampon.  I want to feel comfortable and confident while on my period - and I can only feel that way with a tampon brand that I trust.

Do you trust your tampon brand? 

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