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Wednesday Wisdom: Following Your Passion

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This may be a "moot" post to some folks. It may be obvious or common sense but truth be told, this is a lot harder to do than most people realize. If my family or friends were to describe me in three words, they would most likely say: sensitive, empathetic, and passionate. I am a firm believer that if you do what you love, everything will fall into place (eventually). If you think about all the people that have found success in their life (not necessary monetary success) it's 100% because they have found something that they love to do. Whether success means living comfortably, going to a job everyday that makes you happy, having a family, meeting your life-long goal, meeting your short-term goal, etc., all of these things define "success'' because it's what you are passionate about.

I quit my job this week, call me crazy - I already know! It may not have been the best decision nor the right decision but for once, I am following what I am passionate about. I removed all judgements, ignored opinions and went with my gut - that is the only way you will ever be able to go down the path you have prepared for. 

I thought about people that I deem successful. A few are some of my favorite bloggers, I think of women who started their own companies, local firms who started from he ground up, my parents who work their butt off - all of these people are where they are because they ignored what others told them to do and did what made them happy. They followed their passion.

Now, whether you are on the fence or just don't know what you are passionate about - I would start with a simple list. Write down all the things you love to do. What makes you feel content? What challenges you? What motivates and drives you to reach higher? For me, it's writing, curating, taking photos, traveling, sharing experiences, and coming to this blog everyday in hopes that someone is reading on the other side. Once you know what lights your fire it's just a matter of setting out to keep the flame burning. 

Don't give up. Take risks. Play the hand you are dealt - and win. You will never find success nor will you find your passion if you let life get in the way. The only way you can be successful is when you find it in your heart to do something that makes you happy and continue to live for that happiness.

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