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Fighting Adult Acne

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I've been a longtime sufferer of acne. In high school, I had radiant skin. I would get comments all the time about how dewey and glowing it was and what products I used. Although in high school, I still took really good care of my skin - that's one thing my mother had always preached! It wasn't until I graduated from high school that I had a horrific face infection. (You can read more and see photos here!) I was backpacking across Alaska and zits were backpacking all over my face. From large cysts to deep blackheads - it was a nightmare. When I started college I tried every drugstore product there was. I didn't have the money for expensive treatments so I had to figure out ways to heal it on my own. What I have been left with are scars and dark spots and definitely the occasional pimple.
Since then, I have come across brands that I trust and know will help fight adult acne. I still switch products every so often - it's necessary to change products based on the current state of your skin, the season, if you're traveling, hormonal factors, etc.

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While this photo may look really good - it's fairly deceiving (all thanks to a good camera lens!). You can still see indents from scars on my cheeks and some small hormonal pimples, but overall my face has significantly improved and it's all because of the products I use.
2 // Anti - Cyst Treatment - This is one of the best products you can use for cystic acne. I wish I would've tried Renee's entire line but at the time, it was out of my price range. This significantly reduced the size of cysts but also helped take the pain away!
3 // Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel - I like to switch between this moisturizer and Mario Badescu. I find that when I use this my skin isn't as oily by the end of the day as it normally is. I like to use this when my skin is more oily.
4 // Clarisonic - I've preached about this product since I first received it as a gift. I think it's imperative to exfoliate your skin and the Clarisonic does a great job. 
5 // Clean & Clear Spot Treatment - Very budget friendly! I use this all the time on small pimples. The key is to moisturize otherwise it can dry out your skin.
6 // Bioelements Amino Mask - If you struggle with acne and have yet to find a miracle product, I suggest using the Bioelements line. I used this for a long time before I switched to Mario. The foam cleanser, equalizer, and measured micro grains mask are a few of my favorites. 
7 // Flower & Tonic Mask (Best mask ever!!) - This is, to date, the best mask I have found for acne-erupted/acne-prone skin. This is one mask where you don't have to avoid the erupted areas. After using, I see a difference in the size - it relieves any irritation - and reduces redness. 
8 // Healing & Soothing Mask - I follow up after the Flower & Tonic mask with Mario's Healing & Soothing mask. This is definitely a game changer and if you suffer from acne, I highly recommend that you try this. I don't know about you but when I get breakouts, it comes with a lot of redness and irritation (sometimes pain if it's a cyst). This mask definitely helps soothe those areas and reduce redness - plus it feels so good on your skin!
9 // Oil Free Moisturizer - This is great if you have oily skin, plus it has SPF in it. The size is perfect because I can travel with it as well. 
10 // Enzyme Cleansing Gel - I have used this cleanser for awhile now and I definitely don't get tired of it. I like the results best when paired with my Clarisonic. 

A few of my favorite brands are Mario Badescu and drugstore brands such as Clean & Clear. All of these products I have used for quite some time or I will rotate them in and out throughout the year. I added moisturizers to the list because these will significantly effect how your face is (i.e., oily, combination, dry, etc.). It's important to do a lot of research and only test products on a small part of your skin. When in doubt - ask your dermatologist!

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