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Painting The Town Colorful

12:30:00 AM

Summer is officially here and I could not be happier! This year, I have taken all the free time I've had to be outside. In Europe, all I wanted to do was walk around and sit outside all day long - and now that I'm home, I have so much fun outside with the pups. I don't think I have enjoyed summer this much in my entire life, weird right?! Well, I have always been the gal that put off buying summer clothes, I just always loved fall and winter season clothes much more. This year, I have embraced the season and added some new pieces to my closet. 
I simply cannot get enough of this combo. You may have noticed I am skirting the rules this summer (see here) and this linen skirt is no exception. Not only is the color a perfect shade of pink, it comes in white too, but it's incredibly comfortable. It pairs wonderfully with this bright, gingham shirt - a fun print to add to the summer wardrobe (and currently on sale!)

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