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Taking The Always My Fit Challenge

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You know how it takes years to find the perfect pair of jeans? Or how about a lifetime to find the best fitting bra? However, once you find the perfect fit - it's like you've won a gold medal. Honestly, anyone who finds their fit should be inducted into the "Fit Finding" Hall of Fame. Having the right fit is so essential to making us feel confident and comfortable, it's a lifestyle. How about finding the right fit when it comes to your feminine care products, such as pads? Public Service Announcement: the rules still apply! The perfect fitting jeans, tops, and bras are out there, and now you can find the perfect pad size too!
Well, I have the best news: Always recently developed a sizing/fit system to help you find the perfect size pad for you to wear during your period! Let's be honest, we have all experienced leaks and there is nothing worse than having leaks during your period. Do you know the cause of most leaks? It's because you're wearing the wrong size! With Always' new sizing guide, you can pinpoint what size pads you need to wear corresponding to the flow of your period and panty size. Hallelujah!
I want to tell you about how I found my fit and the challenge I have for you to find yours! I will be honest when I say I know exactly where the Always and Tampax brand are in my local store around Des Moines, and I am generally very quick to get in and out of that aisle. I decided to spend a little more time meandering the feminine care aisle (say what?!?), because I wanted to find the perfect fit! I searched through all the bright packages of Always Ultra Thin and Always Infinity Pads and I looked at the new size guide.
The size guide is very simple, it's based on your flow and panty size. I wear a small panty and my flow, 95% of the time, is moderate to heavy - that puts me at a size 2! At night my flow is much heavier - that puts me at a size 4! Once I found my size I picked up a few of each to have on hand. Easy right?

Each package of Always Ultra Thin and Always Infinity lists the new size guide on the top. It's easy to glance at it if you're trying to be discreet. I, on the other hand, had a blast taking photos in this feminine care aisle. If you are embarrassed, uncomfortable, or just nervous - don't be. We all get our periods, and we all have to walk down that aisle. I truly believe every women will feel much more confident, beautiful, and extraordinary once she has the right fit, and that shouldn't stop at your jeans. 
So, what's next? I challenge you to go to the feminine care aisle at your local store and find your Always fit! Take a photo of yourself with the pack of Always Ultra Thin or Always Infinity pads and post it to Instagram using the hashtag #AlwaysMyFitChallenge and tag @taymeetsworld. You can also enter with the widget below! The winner will be chosen at random and win a year's supply of their favorite Always pads! (insert emoji high-five.)
Put on your cute shoes, head to your go-to store, and go find your fit! I can assure you once you have it there is absolutely nothing that can stop you!

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