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My Bucket List {Updated!}

4:47:00 AM

I've revised and edited my bucket list a few times - you can read previous one's here - but I think this trip has sparked a fire in me and I wanted to cross some things off, and add more! It feels like such great accomplishment to be able to cross things off your bucket list. I never really thought I would, but as I have slowly started to I have realized that a list, such as this, holds you accountable to living life to its absolute fullest. I may dream big, sometimes too big, but I love that about myself. There shouldn't be anything that stops you or hinders you from fulfilling your dreams...and that's where a bucket list comes in handy. Read below my updated bucket list and see some things I have crossed off and how much more I have to go!

1 // Go back to Paris 
2 // Visit Greece, specifically Santorini and Mykonos
3 // Go rock climbing/bouldering in Colorado
4 // Hike and kayak in Alaska where I went previously
5 // Spend a couple of weeks touring Europe: France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, etc.  Updated: France, Belgium, Netherlands, & Germany
6 // Wine tasting in Napa Valley 
7 // Visit New York City in December
8 // Visit Paris
9 // Attend New York Fashion Week
10 //  Take pictures in a flower field, like this field near San Diego
11 // Indoor Skydiving
12 // Take a vacation to a tropical destination
13 // Attend the Nutcracker during Christmas
14 // Go on a mission trip
15 // Visit five museums Have been to all five here in Europe!
16 // Take the huskies on a trip to the mountains 
17 // Read 100 books consecutively (any ideas where I should start?)
18 // Purchase a Leica camera and take thousands of photos
19 // Take a photography class 
20 // Go on a safari in Africa 
21 // Start a retirement plan 
22 // Pay off all my debt from student loans in under five years 
23 // Take a cooking class  Learned how to make Dim Sum! 
24 // Go to a hip-hop/R&B concert - like Drake, Beyonce, or Rihanna
25 // Visit Nantucket and go sailing
26 // Start going to pure bar and yoga classes again
27 // Plan a Christmas Party for 2017
28 // Blog for five days or more a week for one year
29 // Learn how to make at least four different kinds of soup
30 // White water rafting
31 // Visit the nation's largest zoo
32 // Go on a cruise
33 // Deep-sea fishing
34 // Attend Loi Krathong - the lantern festival in Thailand
35 // Buy myself a new vehicle (happening this summer!)
36 // Visit the beaches in California once more
37 // Visit every member of my family in one year
38 //  Eat waffles in Belgium Did that yesterday and they were AMAZING
39 // Go on a road trip
40 // Visit the Carolinas 
41 // Move to the East Coast
42 // Travel to 10 more countries in Europe
43 // Plan a Route 66 road trip here in the USA
44 // Eat macaroons in France I will do a roundup of the best ones on the blog!
45 // Start a garden

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