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Stripes In Honfleur, France

12:00:00 AM

I'm still trying to organize all the photos and posts I want to write for the trip, slowly but surely however, it's all coming together. As I mentioned in my Honfleur travel guide - this was one of my favorite places. Everything you saw screamed nautical - and all the vibrant colors were so beautiful along the harbor. This was the perfect place to wear stripes and thankfully I had packed this Old Navy striped top just before I left. Everything is very casual here - there are window shops filled with rain boots and rain jackets, a light sweater and striped top works just great.

We are now in Amsterdam - although I love big cities, I definitely miss the quiet streets of Honfleur. Around dinner, you could walk up and down the harbor and not run into anyone as they were all seated around the dinner tables, drinking wine and eating oysters. If there is anything else you want to know about Honfleur, let me know and don't forget to the read the Travel Guide here

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