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10 Overtly Honest Realties About Being A Grown-up

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I am so excited to be back and I apologize for my absence. I am currently soaking up the graduate life and loving every minute of it. (I am actually bored out of my mind). I will give you a recap of the graduation ceremony later in the week but I wanted to share some things I have learned about being a grown-up; because obviously I know everything there is to know about being an adult because hello I have been one for three days now.

1. We thought growing up meant we could go out every night; we are so old now that the only party we can make it too is the old lady's brunch on Sunday after church.

2. We do very classy things, or so we think. 

3. We think our job will be really easy and our boss will love us, but the reality is, it's really hard and our boss watches us like a hawk; they even installed a camera in our office to make sure we don't take our shoes off or eat cheese. 

4. We thought strolling on our way to work would be so fun but its more like a race of the suits to see who can be the first in the office to impress the boss. 

5.  We have complete freedom!! Except our mother won't stop calling because she is worried we aren't washing our clothes, and our utility company posted a final notice on our door of an overdue payment, and our landlord is bad-shi** crazy and calls every day to make sure we keep the place clean. 

6. We are super hot now that we are adults. Especially now that we found one thing that looks great on us so we bought 10 of them.

7. We live in a big city and strut down the street like Carrie Bradshaw, it's not scary at all. I don't know what all the hype with the police department is about.
I would carry pepper spray just in case.

8. Dating is all the rage now that we are grown-ups. I have a date lined up every night this week…with my bed that is. 

9. When in doubt, skip the alcohol, it only leads to bad ideas. 

10. Remember that it's OK to still have fun and dance your toosh off. We are grown-ups, we can whatever we want, whenever we want. 


xo, Taylor

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