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And We Have Lift Off

7:24:00 AM

Well all, it has been a whirlwind of a weekend; my boyfriend and I have packed and unpacked, moved and unmoved. Not only that, my family craziness and issues have been enough to last me a lifetime. Let's go over a recap of the weekend:

It started with me packing my apartment; you really don't realize that you have a lot of stuff until you see 3 blenders, 4 down comforters, and way to many Miley Cyrus concert t-shirts. My boyfriend [using all man logic] decided to rent a u-haul that was two sizes too small. I am being serious…picture us loading a coach, decorative chair, two mattresses, table, two chairs, five large tote bins, tv stand, coffee table, three lamps, three sets of bedding, etc. in a 5 x 8' u-haul. On top of attempting to load these items, my OCD and Type A personality kicked into full gear. Eventually we were on the road; with of course, the thoughts of the unloading process dancing in our heads.

With the help of boyfriend's family and mine, we were able to unload in no time…thank goodness. The next best this was shopping together. You must know our relationship, we are both very particular people and although set in our ways, are somewhat flexible; but shopping together was just priceless. Why do I need baskets; cute baskets? What is a decorative box for to sit on the shelves? The shelving nook in the bedroom isn't to lay out clothes and blankets but vases and picture frames? I mean, this shopping trip border lined defcon five. We argue, we bicker, we want to pull our hair out, but this experience has been so worth it and we are so happy. The one thing I have learned through this process that makes it ten times easier is communication. If I thought his idea was down right crazy, I let him know…and when I was being borderline (or not even borderline) bitchy (pardon the profanity) he let me know.

The first night was rough; I burnt dinner (yes we still ate it), our apartment was a tornado, and we were both so sore we couldn't move, but I was with my best friend. I am so excited for this next step in our relationship and to be with my best friend every day.

Until Tomorrow…xoxo, Taylor

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