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Life's Tough Questions…Not Answered.

10:56:00 AM

There are always questions we ask ourselves in life that we rarely find out the answers to. These questions are the most frustrating, intimidating, and stressful questions we will ever encounter.

1. Why, as a CNA, patient care assistant, home aid, etc. make less money, wiping people's butts than a person who answers telephones at a call center?

2. Why does the beef in beef-a-roni look like unprocessed, salmonella infested, uncooked beef? And why does the beef fall out of the square noodles?

3. Why do people stare at you in public like you have a bat hanging out of your cave and no matter how many times you wipe your nose….they still stare?

4. Why do people lie? I mean, especially when you know they are lying…you'd think they would save themselves of humiliation since we already know.

5. Why do we lose track when we try to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? This is a question the owl has tried to figure out for years.

6. Why do us women have to go through pain one week every.single.month, we already have to put up with men. (Just kidding;))

7. Why does Kate Spade have the most amazing surprise sales ever? Sorry boyfriend, you're paying for the electric bill this month. (Again, just kidding)

8. Why people drink Diet pop; if you're going to drink a pop you might as well drink a regular one…it tastes better and there is more sugar, so naturally you will have more energy. ;)

9. Why do I enter so many giveaways? I get my hopes up only to find that thousands of other crazed blog lovers/ giveaway lovers entered too.

10. Why is cooking so hard? It is no wonder fast food places are so rich, I will pull up for my dinner anytime:)

Have a great day Friends!

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