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The Friday Five

7:25:00 AM

I haven't been very good at keeping up with the Friday Five, so here you go…enjoy!!

1. I love this woman; she is the most hilarious person on earth. My sister and I obsess over every movie she is. May I present to you, Melissa McCarthy in Tammy. Please WATCH!!

2. My sister has come home with two flat tires in the past week, on two completely different vehicles too. I am a bit terrified of what else this teenager is capable of.

3.  My brother and I have such a special bond. He is my little nugget and I am his special big sister. He made me the sweetest clay figure of Sven from Frozen…he is sitting in snow, and some of the snow is yellow.

4.  I am obsessed, obsessed, obsessed with Francesca's. If you follow my Instagram you will have seen the picture below and I am in love with the bright colored crossover bag I got. Needless to say, I went back again this evening and made another purchase.

5. This song is my jam. I got one less problem listening to it, I hope you do too.

Have the best weekend sweeties!!

xoxo, Taylor

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