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When The Going Gets Tough

8:24:00 AM

When the going gets tough what do you do?

Do you pray?

Do you cry?

Do you smile?

Do you laugh?

Do you throw things?

Do you question your faith?

Do you feel empty?

Do you stay positive?

Do you keep moving?

Do you linger behind?

Do you stay with loved ones?

Do you run away?

Do you lose yourself in work?

Do you stop working?

Do you feel lost?

Do you feel confused?

Do you eat pounds of chocolate?

Do you not eat?

When the going gets tough, we handle things differently. The going is tough for me right now. It is so raw, flammable, and poisonous to discuss over a blog post right now. I am a little lost trying to figure things out. But until I do, I will continue to drink my homemade strawberry smoothie, rub aloe into my crab skin, and hope you all share how you get through your tough times!

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