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Life Lately--Memorial Weekend

10:17:00 AM

Life lately has got me thinking that I want this blog to be something more; to be monumental, inspirational, successful, legendary. OK, I should probably stop, since this won't happen anytime soon how about we just talk about my life lately.

1. Life lately has got me trippin'. Literally and figuratively; I clearly have no brain interaction to my feet but also I have been tripping over all emotional and mental things in life.

2. Life lately has been frustrating. I get weird looks from people in the movie theater, on the street, in my car, and everywhere in between. Well this is what I have to say to that:

3. Life lately literally has me…

4. Life lately has got me so excited for bedtime. I.Need.Sleep

5. Life lately has me excited for this weekend of BBQ, family, and outdoors. 

Let's not forget what this Memorial Day is all about. Sure, the sales are amazing, and eating ribs and drinking beer is an obvious, but let's remember who fights for us, who dies and has died for us, and how important it is to honor those who served and those who continue to serve. Thank you all and God Bless America!!

xoxo, Taylor

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