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It Was A Wine Of A Weekend

10:52:00 AM

I should probably start off by saying that I am not an alcoholic. Yes, this is my second winery post within a week but my bf and I just discovered this fun activity. I must also note that I am literally the biggest, light-weight on earth (nice double negative). I take two sips of wine and my stomach burns, and I get light headed. It is actually quite comical because then I get all giggly…I would be your best drunk friend ever! Anyway… the fam-bam and I went to Calico Skies Winery this weekend and naturally I took it as a great chance for a photo-op, so here you go.

I have learned I hate dry wine…and I mean hate. I really only like the wine that tastes like watered down Welch's grape juice (oh my gosh I am literally a little kid). Anyways, this was such a beautiful winery and we had lots of fun wine tasting and enjoying the scenery. I should stop while I am ahead, this is one cheesy post. 

Have a good day ya'll!

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  1. oh my goodness, what great pictures. Looks like so much fun! xx