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Thoughts From A Newbie Pageant Girl

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Last night as I watched the Miss America pageant, which I felt compelled to do because I went to school with Miss South Dakota (she is younger than I am), I remembered the time when I was in a pageant. This wasn't exactly a memory that I wanted to remember…but after the jealousy subsided from seeing all the beautiful women on stage I decided that me being in a pageant was a good life lesson, so here we are.

Some of you probably don't care about pageants, or watch Miss America…and I never used to either, until someone reached out to me a few years ago to participate in a local pageant. You must know something about me…I get excited, about everything! I feel like the world has endless opportunities just waiting for us to take; so any and every opportunity I have, I take it. I eagerly signed up for this pageant (with just two weeks to prepare) and hoped for the best. I wore a prom dress for my evening wear, bought a new swimsuit, figured out an acceptable talent, and decided on a platform; and let me tell you, pageant stuff is not easy.

So glad I brought that robe...

On pageant day, I walked in rolling my suitcase behind me. The thoughts and emotions are still so vivid (ha), so I thought I'd share:

-What the heck am I doing here?!

-Ok, I did not get the memo about hair rollers, how do you even use those?

-Oooooo she is really pretty, and she looks smart, she will totally win. (Spoiler alert, she won)

-My swimsuit is totally not like anyone else's…why didn't I just buy a parka?? Better yet, why didn't I spend the past two weeks running twice a day?

-They brought us pizza? No one is eating the pizza. Heck, I'm going to eat the pizza...I'm starving and this body isn't getting any smaller in the next three hours.

-How could I have forgotten most of the words to the Star Spangled Banner…dumb butt…hello Taylor, you live in America you need to know this stuff.

-I am so glad they didn't ask me about politics. #notengogovernmento

-Dang I look good in interview attire.

-I am so glad I brought a robe, I fit right in, especially since it's pink.

-Oh my gosh, she sings Opera, I sing country…we know who will win this one. #I'mnojackieO

-Is that man interviewing me wearing makeup?

-Oh great, I get to walk in front of an audience in a bikini…I should've gotten a wax.

-No one else has a printed evening gown…why do I have to be cheap?? #didn'tgoogleenough

-(Man whistles loudly)…Aw, my grandpa is so supportive.

-That girl just complimented my shoes…how sweet.

-Yea girl, I decided it was ok to wear a Forever21 top while performing my talent…what's it to ya?!

-Don't trip, don't trip, don't trip, don't trip, don't trip!

-My grandma knows one of the judges, I will totally win.

-Did I really just say that???? (On-stage question) I am totally going to lose.

-Yay! I get to act happy for all the other girls…yay!!

-No, but I really am happy for you…you totally deserved it………..

-Yea, that gift you just paid $50 for, I got that from the dollar section at Target. #winner
(We had to bring a gift to be auctioned, money was donated)

-Thank God this night is over, get me out of here.

-I feel like such a failure…at least I still have my imaginary crown. #MissPageantWannabe

-McDonald's here I come…how do girls do this??

Better Luck Next Time.

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  1. Gotta be honest. I LOVE that gown!!!!! And that waxing comment made me CRACK UP!!

  2. this is so interesting! I had a friend in college that did pageants- I was always so impressed with everything she did!

  3. It is impressive, just not for me! Once was enough:)

  4. Ha! I love the gown too, when I saw it on the rack I had to have it…my parents begged me to look at something cheaper but I just couldn't!