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The Chronicles of Living With A Man Part 2

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Hopefully, most of you have read this post…if you haven't than go and read that one first. Anyway, my bf and I are going on month four of living in our tiny, two-bedroom apartment and it is still eventful as ever. I swear the adjustment period for living with someone is close to one year because we have yet to find a routine and a happy medium. I actually started a list of all the hilarious, amusing, and crazy stuff that he does and things we fight about. Let's get right into it, he will probably kill me for this post but what's the fun if I can't share it with the world?

Story #1: Bf is sick, so sick..
Bf: (Sprawled on the couch looking at me with puppy dog eyes coughing without covering his mouth.)
Me: Gross! Cover your mouth, what's your problem?
Bf: I'm sick! It feels like someone put a charcoal grill down my throat…
Me: You have got to be kidding me.

Like this charcoal grill? (Thankfully, we have upgraded this grill and no longer look like total rednecks..the peacock is gone too.)

Story #2: We went out for a Mexican dinner, waiter brings me a shirley temple…my favorite.
Me: (Takes a sip) yummmmm…
Bf: (Takes a sip)…ugh, I wish I was a girl just so I could drink those without being judged..

Bf: You have been swearing a lot lately.
Me: I know, where do you think I get it?
Bf: Well, I'm giving up swearing…for lent…but I'm starting early.
Me: We aren't Catholic…

Me: (Folding our laundry)
Bf: Taylor, don't fold my laundry I will do it.
Me: (I stop folding his laundry)
Bf: (Laying on the couch)…actually you might as well do it, I probably won't get to it.
Me: Awesome

Bf: Taylor if you don't get me a pop I am going to rub my balls all over your pillow.
Me: UGGHHH! (Goes to get him a pop)

Me: (Taking a selfie, I rarely do this)
Bf: Oooo let's take the Taylor selfie (cranks his head to the side)

**Sidenote: My bf is the most amazing person ever, he is not mean in anyway. He knows how to get what he wants…and I commend him for that.

I must go and clean some more now…I have become more OCD living with a man than I ever was originally….yuck.

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