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5 Ways To A Better You In 2015

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This year, I really sat down and thought about my life. Where am I going? Where do I want to end up? Who do I want in my life? What goals do I want to accomplish? What is something that is bogging me down instead of building me up? And the list goes on. Each year we all make resolutions or set goals to improve ourselves or something about ourselves. I decided to sit down and make a list of small improvements that will lead to a better me. Because let's be honest, we can all make ourselves better in some way, shape, or form.

1. Take more time to do what you love. I am only 23 years old. I'm not married, I don't have kids, I don't have pets…so what is keeping me from living out my life to the fullest? I know a lot of you have other priorities in your life but make sure to take some time out of each day, whether it be 15 minutes or an hour, and do something that you love.

2. Dress for success. In high school I was that girl that would dress up almost everyday. My teachers appreciated that I cared, my peers enjoyed my company (probably because I didn't smell and I showered), and all around I felt better about myself. When I got into college that changed. Sure, I would look nice some days but the majority I was wearing jeans and a bagging school sweatshirt that is way over priced in the bookstore. Here's what to do:

3. Drink more water, or infused water. I started this late last year where I would fill up the cutest tumblr and drink lemon water. I love lemon water and the health benefits are amazing. My tip, find something that you love drinking out of…you will in turn, drink more. (Don't do this with alcohol.)
I just recently got this super cute Ban.do tumbler and I am loving it!

4. Find more inspiration. Lately, inspiration has been my mantra. I want to live somewhere that inspires me, I want to be with people that inspire me, work someplace that inspires me…you get the point. I turn to Pinterest whenever I have been needing more inspiration. Here is what is on my mind lately:

5. Write it all down. I love writing. It is the one place where I can express my feelings without any judgement and it helps me sort through all the mazes I have in my brain. Write in a journal, notebook, start a blog, or on post-its. Just write things down. You can look back and read how you were feeling and try to change it or you can write it down and never look at it again. Just write!

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  1. I've been making it a point to live a little more like these tip during the past couple months, and I can't believe how much my mood has improved. It really is worth it to take some time for yourself every once in a while. And you feel so much better about yourself when you take the time to look nice during the day.

  2. these goals are awesome! so intentional, i love it!

  3. Such great suggestions! Dressing for success is so incredibly important. Every day you need to put your best self forward at work or at school and dressing the part really helps to make you feel the part. And you look great! People really notice when you dress well.

  4. Thanks for sharing and so on point. Love the take time to dress and the hair, always believed dress well feel well. ( and it is always the day you do not take the time that something happens or you bump into someone)

  5. I totally agree!! Most days in college I looked terrible…my hair was always up, and I always wore jeans and a sweatshirt. I look back and all I think is "why,why,why?"

  6. That is such a good point Linda…and oh so true! It's the day I look like a slob and head to Target that I see five people I know!