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Valentine Monster Cookies

9:17:00 AM

You're probably thinking, Valentine's Day, already? Not that I am a huge "celebrator" of V-day, however these were the cutest M&M's in the store…so we're going with it.

If you do have a Valentine, or even some spare time, I highly recommend making these cookies. They are delicious! You can even make the gluten free! I have always loved monster cookies, they were my mom's favorite growing up, ergo, we always bought these kind of cookies.

This is one of the first recipe posts I have done so instead of rambling on I will get to the cookie photo shoot, it's way better than rambling, and the models were indeed stolen from America's Next Top Model.

And to step up our game even more how about this free Valentine's printable (at the bottom)…I tried really hard to make this super cute.

Copy, Share, and Spread the Love. Have a great day!!

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  1. What a beautiful post - loving your blog! My mom is known for her monster cookies- I am going to have to share this post with her <3

  2. these look so yummy, and cute with all the red and pink. I LOVE the printable too; so cute!

  3. These look yummy-- and the printable is an extra 'sweet' treat, too- thanks!