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July Beauty Buys {{Must-Haves}}

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It never fails that I go shopping for clothes, but find myself at Ulta, Sephora, etc., spending way to much money. There are products that I use time and time again, but I also love trying new ones! My main reason for going to Ulta was to get an eyebrow pencil, but naturally I forgot that and walked out with $70 worth of other things. #thestruggleisreal

1 // Essie Cashmere Collection. You all know me and my Essie addiction. These mini bottles were too pretty to pass up, and for $13 I was sold.

2 // This Evian spray is my favorite. I have combination skin and I can use this when my face is dry and oily. It's the best face pick-me-up after a long day, and I use it after every face wash. I notice my face becomes pretty dull and dehydrated when I'm not using it. This is one of the products I repeatedly buy. Oh, and it comes in great travel sizes…you can have one in your purse, gym bag, at home, etc.!

3 // BareMinerals is my favorite makeup and I have used their bronzer in "Warmth" for years. I decided to switch it up and go a shade lighter with "A Little Sun." This color is definitely more natural looking and not as 'harsh.'

4 // My struggle with skin is on going…as of late however, it has been getting better and I think the trick is more water and oil control. I have used these products for a few days now and I am wondering why I haven't tried them before?! I bought the smaller sizes because I didn't want to commit to a large bottle if the product ended up not working. The enzyme face wash is ah-ma-zing! My skin is brighter, softer, and I can definitely see a reduction in pigmentation.

As I am always looking to try new beauty things, share one of your favorite beauty tips for this month!

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  1. Until recently I never knew how to use bronzer or concealer yeah I know but when I was young and learning about make up concealer and bronzer where not heard of