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Puppy Preparation

4:00:00 AM

We get our puppy next week!! Eek! We have slowly been getting everything we need. I have to admit, it's a bit daunting waiting for this little bugger to come. I'm assuming this is how waiting for a baby is, I think starting off with a puppy is a good idea for me. Preparation is very stressful! 
Anyways, we have gotten just about everything we need except a dog collar and leash. Does anyone have any good suggestions? We want something that is a bit "earthy" and simple. What do you think?
I really wanted to get our pup a moose toy, but unfortunately we couldn't find one. How cute is this panda squeak toy though? Let's just hope he likes this and not my shoes...
How cute are these bowls? We found them at T.J. Maxx!! That place literally has everything.
If you have any puppy suggestions, send them my way!! We are anxiously waiting the arrival of this pup. I'm so excited to meet this sweet guy!

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