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Everywhere I look I see photos of beautiful tropical scenery, snapchats of Hawaiian vacations, and friends taking trips to warmer places. I can't help but throw on another sweater and wish I was in the same boat. There is only one problem...I hate swimsuit season. I have had never ending battles with insecurities in regards to walking around barely covered. Another problem? I love summertime! There is nothing better than laying in the sun and taking a dip in a cool pool, sipping on lemonade.

This year Target came out with a #NOFOMO campaign. My first thought was I had no idea what #NOFOMO meant; it means no fear of missing out. I thought to myself that this could actually be pretty wonderful. To think of how many women shop at Target and for all of us to take a pledge to embrace our bodies in swimwear and never have the fear of missing out...that's amazing! Think about it, most women hate swimsuit season. We are terrified of being judged, rejected, and body shamed. The funny part is, almost all women feel this way so why are we so scared?! If we all decided to embrace our beautiful bodies and lift one another up, summer would be much more enjoyable.

With that said, I decided to take the #NOFOMO pledge and purchase swimsuits that made me feel great. My hope is that you can do the same to feel just as good!

This post is not sponsored...just my opinions.

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