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On The Weekends, We {{Window}} Shop: Oscar Worthy Gowns

9:28:00 AM

The Oscars are this evening and while there are a lot of people attending, most will viewing from their sofa...like me. I couldn't help but think all weekend just how glamorous it would feel to get all dressed up for a night like this. I am really not one to care too much about the Oscars, but I love seeing the gowns! It's a good segue into spring, with all the celebs donning a beautiful gown or tuxedo by a particular designer. Since I will be posted up at home, you can find me in the beautiful Oscar de la Renta number. #inmydreams Isn't the color gorgeous?
Oh, and have you heard about the gift bags at the Oscars? Each gift bag is worth over $200,000! That's a bit ridiculous in my opinion, but sign me up!

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