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Holidays In A Studio Apartment

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I live in less than 400 sq. ft. - I call it my "mouse house." Moving into such a small space has made me purge everything that was taking up space and limiting what I can buy for decor, clothes, etc. I never thought it would be possible to live in such a small space and while I hate it most of the time because there is no where to escape - I've realized I don't need much more (it's a definite want though). To say I was disappointed when I realized I wouldn't be chopping down a Christmas tree this year was probably the hardest realization yet. However, I'm adoring my little Christmas tree, holiday brights, and $8 Target wreath. I told myself that next year, I will have the grandest tree yet!

The majority of this decor is from last year's Target haul, but I feel like they are pieces I will continue to use over and over - especially in my home office someday! The key to decorating such a small apartment is one thing: minimalism. Keeping it simple so the decor doesn't overwhelm the space is essential. I feel so claustrophobic when my small space is a mess. If the bed is not made, there are piles of laundry, shoes cover the entry way and dishes fill the sink - it makes everything feel so.much.smaller. I haven't figured out the perfect way to live in this space but I think overtime, I will acquire new organizational tips and tricks to help.

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