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2 Favorite Hair Products To Add Volume

8:47:00 AM

My hair has one texture - smooth. After I blow dry, or let it air dry I typically always have to add product to give it some more "oomph" or grit. It holds styling well, simply lacks in the volume department. I use two products, one for lighter volume and another one for heavier volume.

1. Ouai Texturizing Spray | Dubbed the product dry shampoo + hairspray had a baby, this would be it. It's light and doesn't weigh down your hair by any means. The smell - is heavenly. It gives you supple volume at the crown and ample volume throughout. 

2. Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion | The magic hair potion that adds all the volume and grit you need at the crown of your head. I use this for shoot days or if I'm going to an event. It's a powder that you shake or tap onto the top of your head, let it marinate, then work into your hair. Volume is instantaneous. 

See my Instagram for an IGTV video on how I use both of these products! 

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