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Closet Organization

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I spent the weekend cleaning and purging. What else is there to do during this quarantine? I didn't realize how much I had that I (1) hadn't worn in at least a year and (2) didn't fit right and (3) was only worn 1-2 times. I decided to sell about 1/2 of what I purged and listed it all on Poshmark, the rest will be donated!

A few things I have been doing for years when organizing my closet: 

1. Color Code | I vividly remember color coding my closet at the age of 11, before Marie Kondo was a huge hit, I was implementing her strategies before they were a thing. I loved my closet when I was younger; I always wanted to showcase my beautiful clothes (mostly from the Mary-Kate & Ashley line at Wal-Mart๐Ÿ˜‚). To this day, I still believe it to be the easiest system. We don't always know what we want to wear, but typically, we know what color or style we are looking for. It's easy for me to find every piece I own 

2. Organizers For Accessories | The Container Store = an organizer's version of heaven. One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is to have storage available so you can organize everything. Belts, bags, hats, jewelry, etc., it should all be nicely organized in some sort of container. I found most of my storage pieces at The Container Store, you can also find more inexpensive tubs or bins at Wal-Mart or Target! 

3. Rotate Seasons | Something I have also done since I was little, I believe I learned it from my mother as she would store her sweaters at the end of winter season and I would just follow suit. In my opinion, there is no reason to have your winter attire mixed in with the rest of the seasons, say for example it's July. You are most likely reaching for a tank-top/tee/blouse - not a sweater. It will save space and again, keep things more organized. I store my winter clothes, once fall comes around I pull the winter clothes out and rotate the bin and store my summer attire.
Another tip: when I store my winter or summer clothes, I always sort through them and decide to keep or donate. Did I wear this sweater at all? How about this coat? If it's been over a year since I wore something, it goes. 

4. Fold All Sweaters & Sweatshirts | I hate hanger marks on tops; the hangers I use are typically really good and don't leave the top stretched at the shoulders. However, I always fold delicate and bulky sweaters just in case. I also fold sweatshirts as I find they take up a lot more hanging space!

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